1622 Seabright Avenue

Santa Cruz, CA


    Alafia Capoeira


    Drop In: $15

    Class Cards: 10 for $120

    Unlimited Monthly Pass: $100 


    Professor Rebelde

    Micah Wright has been training capoeira since 2005, under the guidance of Mestre Acordeon and the United Capoeira Association. He has been teaching in Santa Cruz since 2013. He has spent years in karate, boxing and Muay Thai as well, and welcomes all who want to learn this game and improve themselves. 

    Itumoleng “Tumi” Moleko

    Kids Classes and Dance Teacher

    Tumi is the newest addition to the team, and she is as charming as she is wise. She is excellent with kids and a natural at the game. 

    Following her passion for dance, she has begun teaching Twerk and dance at the studio. Come have some fun!